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CH21 Series Pump

Continental CH21 Series ductless heat pumps can heat and cool your home.

Powered by a sleek remote control, the CH21 is easy to use as it makes

your home the most comfortable temperature all year long.

The Perfect Fit

Continental's CH21 Series is a great option to heat or cool any space. Easily set the temperature using the remote control and the CH21 will take care of the rest.


Standard Features

  • Independent Dehumidification

  • Self Diagnostic Controls

  • Up to 21 SEER

  • Auto Restart

  • Sleep Mode

  • Remote Control System

  • Louver Position Memory

  • Cold Catalyst Filter

  • Compressor Heating Belt

  • Sleep Mode for energy efficiency

  • R-410A Chlorine-free refrigerant

  • Louver position memory for consistency

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