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Plumbing Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Custom residential or commercial plumbing solutions starting at the pump right through to fixtures. Whether you need new home plumbing, are doing home renovations or need emergency plumbing repairs, the team of certified and licensed plumbers at Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment have been servicing satisfied customers throughout Perth, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and the surrounding Rideau Lakes neighbourhoods for years. Attention to detail and quality assurance is our focus.


Home Renovation Plumbing

Home renovation plumbing is not the same as plumbing repair. With home renovations, you want a plumbing job that will increase the value of your home. Those “quickie plumber” trucks that you see all over town that specialize in emergency plumbing repairs cannot always be trusted to come prepared on an assigned date to perform solid plumbing renovation work, following a pre-determined estimate, in order to assist you in your kitchen or bathroom remodel. That’s what the experts at Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment are here for.


New Home Plumbing

With new home plumbing, your plumbing is just part of a much larger project, which is all the more reason to choose the seasoned new construction specialists at Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment. You need contractors that won’t hold up the rest of the building project, and with Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment you can be sure you are dealing with the plumbing contractors of choice for building companies in the Perth and Ottawa Valley area.


Fixture Supply

With styles ranging from classical or retro to modern and minimalist, Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment supplies fixtures to suit any decor. Ask us about eco-friendly water-saving plumbing fixtures.

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Solar Hot Water

A solar water heater reduces the amount of fuel you need to heat water because it captures the sun’s renewable energy. Many solar water heaters use a small solar electric (photovoltaic) module to power the pump needed to circulate the heat transfer fluid through the collectors. The use of such module allows the solar water heater to operate even during a power outage.

Solar water heaters are designed to last many years with little maintenance. A solar water heater can reduce your water heating energy needs by one-half, giving you significant dollar savings as well as clean energy. Why not speak to a Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment representative about installing a solar water heating system in your home?

Heat Pump Service

Pumping Systems

A variety of water pumping systems are available to suit your particular needs. Submersible pumps, jet pumps, lake systems, and sprinkler pumps are all options available through Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment.


Boilers & In-Floor Heating

Whether it is a warm floor in your house, or a driveway you’ll never have to shovel again, radiant heating can greatly improve your quality of life. Systems available for both residential and commercial applications.

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