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Water Purification

If you are drawing your water from a lake, well, or other source exposed to contaminants, then a water purification system is your solution. Purification Systems also remove contaminants from city tap water! There are a variety of water purification systems available. The two main types of systems include:

Reverse Osmosis

Uses a semi-permeable membrane to allow only water molecules in their pure state to pass through. Reverse Osmosis filtration systems can be installed under your sink and purify the water you drink and cook with. The water comes from the water supply, enters the system and passes through 3 to 5 filters in order to remove up to 98% of all contaminants. Reverse Osmosis Systems remove the following minerals:






& More!

Ultraviolet Water


Uses UV light to kill microbiological contaminants, bacteria and viruses.


Makes water drawn from river, lake or well sources safe to drink. 

The UV Light penetrates the DNA of these harmful microorganisms and destroys them. This is all done chemical-free!

UV Light Water Purifiers are safe! An Ultraviolet Water Purifier uses UV-C light to disinfect. UV-C light is only harmful if you touch or look at the UV bulb while it's on, you're in no danger of exposure. 

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