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A Solution For Hard Water

At Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment we offer several different water treatment options depending on your particular needs. Which one is right for you? The following brief description of common water complaints may give you an idea but the best way to find out is to have one of Valley's qualified representatives come by for a full water assessment.

Water Softeners

Hard water is caused by high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which become solid when water is heated. This causes scale to build-up and deteriorate hot water appliances. Hard water also decreases soap lather and causes white spots on glassware. 

A water softener can help you save money over time and erase the frustration of water spots on your dishes, residue in the kettle, soap scum in the shower and bathtub, and possible damage to hot water appliances. We supply the best Water Softeners on the market from VIQUA.

Types of Water Softeners

There are many different types of Water Softeners available for your home and/or business. Please contact us and our Water Specialist will help you determine which one suits your needs best.

Water Softener Types


Chlorine, Hardness

Hardness, Iron and/or Manganese

Hardness, Iron and/or Manganese, Smell

Flow Rates

Flow rates varies per model, our Water Technician will determine which one is best for yourr home/business.

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