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CH25 Series Pump

The CH25 Series is Continental's top ductless heat pump. Boasting features such as

Hyper Heat, Sleep Mode and 25 SEER efficiency, the CH25 is a premium ductless

unit that will heat or cool your home quietly throughout the seasons.

Hot & Efficient!

The CH25 Series is Continental's premium ductless system. Boasting Hyper Heat function and Energy Star rated, it's the choice heating and cooling option for ductless spaces.


Standard Features

  • Hyper Heat feature - functions in temperatures as low as -30C / -22F (CH25-09F, CH25-12F, CH25-18F &
    CH25-24F models only)

  • Sleep Mode for energy efficiency

  • CH25-30F and CH25-36F models function in
    temperatures as low as -15C / 5F

  • Up to 25 SEER

  • Auto Restart

  • Self Diagnostic Controls

  • Auto Defrost

  • Louver Position Memory

  • Cold Catalyst Filter

  • Compressor Heating Belt

  • Independent Dehumidification

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