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Response to COVID-19

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April 10th 2020

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We hope you and your family are staying well during the COVID-19 crisis. These are troubling

times for all of us, and we wanted to provide some level of assurance that we will continue

making every effort to provide you with the service you need as best we are able under the



The Federal and Provincial governments have provided a list of essential services, while they

did not name water treatment specifically they have indicated that any business that is involved

with providing potable water to homes, businesses or institutions are considered ‘essential’. By

definition “essential” is considered for all workers in the water treatment industry that deliver

clean, safe water. So, we remain on the job to assist you during this crisis.


You should know that our priority is the health and safety of our customers and our employees.

Our staff are told to avoid person-to-person contact and seek alternatives in all situations. In

addition, we are following protocols and guidance from the local public health and the Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


We will offer to consult with you over the phone, Skype or other online method, and we are

more than willing to leave supplies outside of your home and similarly pick up any water samples for

testing. We will come to you only as necessary for installation, repair and servicing. No sales

calls will be made person to person. Specifically, all of our employees know to stay home if they do not feel well and see a doctor if necessary. We are also encouraging as many of our employees as possible to work from home.


Our service crews have been trained to do the following:


  • Wash hands on a frequent basis throughout the day

  • Use hand sanitizer before and after each call

  • As noted, provide porch and garage deliveries whenever possible

  • Even on site, to communicate electronically as needed

  • Avoid coming within 6 feet of customers or others, particularly no contact and no shaking hands -- complete physical distancing

  • Use protective gloves and foot protection


If there are any other questions, please reach out to us at or call us at 613-267-5206


Thank you,

Brad Adrain, Office Manager

Valley Plumbing, Heating, and Water Treatment

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